Brassware favoured by Korean people

Brassware is still widely used at public catering establishments and families of the DPRK.

People attribute the popularity of Pyongyang cold noodles to the cold, chewy and savoury taste of noodles, as well as to the appealing view of the bright brassware.

It has been long since the Korean people used the brass vessel in dietary life.

According to information available, they made and used a variety of products with brass by developing the bronze alloy technique thousands of years ago.

Among them are brass trays containing noodles.

The ancestors served boiled rice, soup and side-dishes in brassware and made washbasins and even braziers using brass and they were very fond of such products.

Since olden times, many brass products have been produced in South and North Phyongan provinces. The brass trays produced in the Jongju area in North Phyongan Province won particular fame.

Today, the major producers of brass products are the Pothonggang Ironware Factory and the Pyongyang Daesong Jewel Cutting Factory.

Modern utensils are produced in large quantities along with the developing times, but the culture of using traditional brassware is still carried on, along with putting of Pyongyang cold noodles in brassware, and the variety and shape of brassware are getting diversified.