King of country

On July 8, a Tunisian website carried an article on the situation of human rights in socialist Korea.

“In the DPRK, parentless children grow happily without worries in modern baby homes, orphanages and primary and middle schools for orphans which the country built excellently with special care,” the article said. “Their happy life is guaranteed not only by the state system but also by the social trait of adopting parentless children and taking warm care of them like their own children.”

There is saying that if you want to know the progressive nature of society, you should see children living there.

In the DPRK children are brought up as pillars of the country with nothing to envy in the world despite the world-sweeping disaster and misfortune.

Children are regarded as the “kings” of the country. On the principle of “providing children with the best things”, the country provides all the necessary things to children and schoolchildren’s palace and children’s camps are located in best places or scenic spots.

The whole history of the Korean revolution is embroidered by the ardent love for the rising generation of President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il who put forward children as kings of the country and showed warm affection to them.

In the period of building a new Korea in which everything was in short supply, the issue of children’s pencil was discussed as an agenda item at the first meeting of the Provisional People's Committee of North Korea and loud reading resounded at schools during the Fatherland Liberation War when the country was undergoing a severe trial.

Children are given gifts including school uniforms and other school things on national holidays and the universal 12-year free compulsory education is in force.

Baby homes, orphanages and primary and middle schools for orphans were wonderfully built in Pyongyang and provinces and the Okryu Children’s Hospital is furnished with modern medical facilities to contribute to the promotion of children’s health.

The Third Plenary Meeting of the Eighth Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea held in June this year discussed an issue of improving and bolstering up the childcare policy.

Saying at the meeting that nursery and kindergarten days are most important in the growth and development of children, the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un referred to the need to establish as the Party’s policy to supply dairy products and other nutritive foodstuffs to all the children across the country at state expense and set forth concrete tasks and ways for its implementation.

It is a manifestation of the WPK’s unshakeable will to show more sincere devotion to children and persistently advance towards the future of communism by dint of love.

That is why children of the DPRK cultivate the buds of talents to their heart’s content as they sing the song We Are the Happiest in the World.