Pinus densiflora form in Hamhung

There is Hamhung Pinus densiflora form in Sonamu-dong of Sapho District in Hamhung, South Hamgyong Province.

This pine variety is rare to be found in the world and curious in shape and therefore it is of significance in botanical research.

The bough slants southwestwards at an incline of about 35 degrees.

The tree is 4.16 metres high, 2.18 metres round at the base and 1.19 metres at the chest .

At the height of 2.35 metres of the trunk, a branch stretches out horizontally southwestwards for about 8 metres, before dividing into two parts, with one of them being 0.95 metre round and the other 0.8.

The fork extends for 6 metres sideways, gradually sloping down to the ground.

Growing out from the fork are lots of twigs covered with green needles at the tips, forming a beautiful tray-shaped crown which is 13.8 metres in diameter.

And there are also two 3.5-metre-long branches drooping from the bough.

The 450-odd-year-old pine is under good protection as a living monument of the DPRK.