Premier Kim inspects various sectors

Premier Kim Tok Hun, who is member of the Presidium of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea inspected several units in different sectors of the national economy.

Looking round the Sunchon Pharmaceutical Factory, he stressed the need to ensure domestic production of raw and other materials and push ahead with modernization of production processes so as to increase the output of medicines that are required for the promotion of the people’s health and preventive and curative medical care.

At the Pyongyang mechanical pencil factory, Mangyongdae disabled soldiers’ fountain pen factory and Pyongyang disabled soldiers’ ballpoint pen factory, he took measures to increase the production of various kinds of quality pens to satisfy the demand and tastes of people, especially students.

The on-the-spot consultative meetings discussed the matters of conducting business and administration activities practically with a scientific calculation, of directing primary efforts to the production of daily necessities, increasing their output and improving their quality and of ensuring a timely supply of materials from relevant units.

The Premier acquainted himself with the farming in Suan, Singye, Sohung and Hwangju counties in North Hwanghae Province and referred to the need to take measures to prevent damage to crops from high temperature, since the heat wave persists, and to arouse the enthusiasm of farmers by applying with correct methodologies the field assignment system within the framework of the sub-workteam management system.

Making the rounds of several units in the food administration sector and nurseries and kindergartens, he called on officials to implement the people-oriented policy and the childcare policy correctly.

The Premier also held a discussion on general matters in the normalization of production at the Sunchon Phosphate Fertilizer Factory.