Ryugyong Service Complex draws more diners for its specific service

Diners seek restaurants that give refreshing and various emotional feelings when humid and hot dog days come.

“People frequent dining rooms that give spacious, refreshing and emotional feelings which remind them of seascape or forest in this season,” said Ok Hyon Gyong, reception team leader of the Ryugyong Service Complex in Pyongyang.

In the service complex there are dining rooms that render a variety of emotional feelings, especially the dining room representing a traditional tile-roofed house of the Korean nation covered by reed mat, the one giving a sense of stability while retaining the look of age in the overall component and the one that gives an impression of having a meal in the courtyard where the gentle breeze of summer blows.

“Today I had a dinner with my family at this service complex. I was really happy as if all my family members had meals sitting in the courtyard in the moon-lit night. And I had cold green tea noodles, a speciality served at the end of different dishes, and it was really refreshing and clean. In the next time, I will order a dining room that gives a refreshing feeling in the white beach,” said So Hyon Il, a regular visitor to the complex.

Good dining environment is also promoted by excellent dishes.

According to attendant Kim Hyang Sim, the complex serves over 180 kinds of dishes. Such national foods as wreath sinsollo, steamed hairy crab of the East Sea of Korea and grilled beef and world-famous dishes like grilled lobster with sauce and sea food spaghetti are winning great popularity among clients.

“I have visited the hall which serves grilled meat on an iron plate on several occasions. It tastes very good. When we have meals while listening to a kind cook’s explanation about the dish and seeing dextrous stunts the cooks performed by using cooking tools including kitchen knife, it gives distinctive taste and good environment,” said Pak Chol Hwan, another regular to the hall.

According to Ri Chun Son, director of the Ryugyong Exchange Centre who is manager of the service complex, the management principle of the service complex is to ensure unique taste, with pollution-free raw materials and seasoning as raw materials on the basis of growing demand of customers.

The complex has Ryugyong service vocational technical school for training young and talented cooks, and the cooks are required to pass a strict examination through 300-odd hours of lectures and practice.