Working people’s organizations hold meetings with war veterans

A meeting with war veterans took place at the Central Youth Hall in Pyongyang on July 23 to mark the 68th anniversary of the victory in the great Fatherland Liberation War.

War veteran Pak Myong Sik made remarks at the meeting with youth and students of Pyongyang.

He referred to the days of creating a proud legend of war victory while resolutely smashing the armed invasion by the imperialist allied forces under the leadership of President Kim Il Sung, ever-victorious, iron-willed, brilliant commander.

He said that the President came out to frontline areas in the days of war to put forth the operational policy of defending Height 1211 and took good care of the life of the Korean People’s Army soldiers.

Saying that the history and tradition of war victory the defenders of the country created at the cost of their blood as they faithfully followed the leadership of the President are shining as the symbol of socialist Korea and a national trait, he requested that all the young people fully demonstrate the wisdom and valour of youth in every battlefield of great leap forward by carrying on the fighting spirit of heroes during the war.

War veteran Rim Chan Ju addressed the meeting with women’s union officials and members at the Hall of Women in Pyongyang.

With the firm conviction that they would surely emerge victorious when they are led by the President in the grim period of war and burning hatred against the enemy, many women rendered distinguished services in every height and thus contributed greatly to war victory, she said.

She ardently called on all women’s union officials and members to firmly believe in and follow the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un single-heartedly in any hardships and perform proud feats in the effort to implement the decisions of the Party Congress by dint of strong spiritual strength of the Korean women, before singing the wartime song To a Decisive Battle.