Band of State Affairs Commission gives performance for participants in first workshop of commanders, political officers

The Band of the State Affairs Commission gave a performance at the Samjiyon Theatre on July 29 for the participants in the First Workshop of the Commanders and Political Officers of the Korean People’s Army.

Artistes of the band staged a specially-prepared performance, true to the lofty intention of Kim Jong Un, general secretary of the WPK, to encourage the participants in the workshop of military and political cadres who have devoted themselves with officers and soldiers to carry out the order of the Party at the outposts of national defence and socialist construction.

Prior to the performance, all the entertainers warmly congratulated the commanding officers of the entire army, who came in one breath to the courtyard of the Party Central Committee, the courtyard of the Supreme Headquarters, that they have kept as dear as their lives in mind in their remote defence posts, to meet the benevolent Marshal they so missed even in dreams and receive warm kindred affection and the nutriment of growth.

Profound gratitude toward the General Secretary pervaded the venue of the performance which staged the songs which inspired the people and service personnel of the Korean People’s Army with enthusiasm for the revolution and struggle while shaking the pride-filled annals of the revolution when they won one victory after another following the great Party.

The stirring and pulsating melodies of revolutionary war songs fired the military and political cadres, who are to strengthen all the units of the entire army into invincible military ranks boundlessly faithful to the cause of the Workers’ Party of Korea, with burning enthusiasm, fighting spirit of annihilating the enemy and strong passion.