Paduk teams formed in provincial centres

Paduk (go) teams have been set up at paduk centres in provinces (cities under direct jurisdiction of the government).

This has provided a favourable condition for developing the intellectual sport associated with the wisdom and talents of the Korean nation onto a higher level.

In the past, paduk players belonged to each Taekwon-Do team, and the formation of independent paduk teams has made it possible to raise the status of the sports event, increase its scale and competitive power and further arouse public interest in and enthusiasm for it in particular.

And good conditions have also been created for the long-term development of the event including the training of reserves and arrangement of games.

The team that has been formed in the Pyongyang Municipal Paduk Centre consists of dozens of aces of senior and junior levels including Pak Un Hyang, Ri Kyong Guk, Kang Kil Hyok and Won Tae Bok, who are popular with citizens for having been successful in different games in the past.

The relevant department of the municipal people’s committee directs efforts to solidifying the material foundations of the newly established team with deep concern with it.

“Coaches and players of our paduk team are scrupulously arranging the training and other work for developing the traditional national sport so as to live up to the expectations of citizens, with an ambition to lead all others in the country and exalt its honour at international games,” said Ko Sung Chol, director of the Pyongyang Municipal Paduk Centre.