War veterans have a good time at spa resort

The participants in the Seventh National Conference of War Veterans spent a good time of rest at the Yangdok Hot Spring Resort before and after the meeting.

They, who visited the new world of hot spring civilization this year again after last year, were provided with lavish hospitality as special guests of honour during the whole period of rest.

Walking along the winding access corridor, they enjoyed a bird's eye view of beautiful mountains and streams and had a shower bath and medicinal spa bath in the outdoor spa bath built in the green pine wood in Unjong Peak and in the indoor spa bath consisting of dozens of individual bathtubs using such medicinal materials as pine needles and wormwood.

All parts of the resort including the general service centre with different kinds of sporting, cultural and recreational facilities and the site of boiling eggs, where visitors can savour the delicate taste of hot spring eggs, were enlivened by the presence of war veterans who enjoyed a good time, receiving kind welfare services.

War veterans joined a performance given by the artistes of central art troupes, singing wartime songs and dancing to the tune of merry folk songs, and had photos taken to keep fond memories of the pleasant time.

And some of them received birthday spreads prepared by the service facility and celebrated their birthdays at the resort.