Achievements made in production of early crops

Farmers in Pyongyang applied over 30 tons of organic fertilizer per hectare to provide crops with good growth conditions and manured and cultivated land in a proper way in unfavourable weather conditions to overfulfil their early-ripening cereal production plans.

Kumya County of South Hamgyong Province and Taedong County of South Phyongan Province applied multi-element mineral fertilizer, amino acid microelement fertilizer and others to increase the output of early crops.

The Sinam Cooperative Farm in Ryongchon County extensively introduced high-yielding varieties of crops and sprayed several kinds of nutritive liquids to suit their growth, thereby producing more than 5 tons of wheat per hectare.

The fruit farming sector has conducted a dynamic socialist emulation drive to produce more good-quality and tasty early-ripening fruits and contribute to improving the people’s living standards.

Kwail and Pukchong counties turned out over 10 kinds of botanical chemicals and did pruning and thinning in a technological way to have a good crop.

The Onchon Fruit Farm established a food production cycle and waged a positive mass technical innovation drive to increase the proportion of fruit farming done by machines, while the Toksong Apple Farm secured substitute agrochemicals to remarkably reduce damage from harmful insects.

The Toksong Cooperative Farm in Anak County and the Kosan and Taedonggang combined fruit farms overfulfilled their plans for producing early cereals and fruits.