DPRK, heaven of children

You can see children at every nursery and kindergarten in the DPRK growing up happily enjoying additional benefits of the country.

The Third Plenary Meeting of the Eighth Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea which was held last June set it as the Party’s policy to supply nutritious foods including dairy products to children across the country at state expense.

Since the plenary meeting, the units with livestock farming bases have led others in pushing the production and supply of dairy products.

An article of a Nigerian website on September 2 said that it is a great courageous decision for the DPRK to supply dairy products to children at state expense, considering its present situation.

The country supplies dairy products for all the children not because it is wealthy or has an abundant supply of food. It is an invariable will of the WPK to take more devoted care of children at hard times and persistently advance toward the future of communism on the strength of love for them.

The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un administers state affairs day and night with burning love for younger generations by setting it as the most important policy and highest ambition of the Party and the state to provide better conditions for bringing up children at any cost, and in his warm embrace Korean children grow up vigorously and brightly as pillars of the country.

There are innumerable stories about his noble love for younger generations, including the rising of baby homes and orphanages at state expense, the formation of convoys for transporting fish and dried persimmons to the childcare facilities and the presentation of Haebaragi-brand school things as gifts to all the preschool children.

That is why children throughout the country follow Kim Jong Un calling him “our father”.

Mongolia’s Montsame news agency on its website on August 25 said that “Leader Kim Jong Un beaming brightly surrounded by children smiling or weeping for joy—this is indeed the picture of father and his children, the look of a family” and “Leader Kim Jong Un’s love for coming generations, the future, makes the DPRK shine as a ‘heaven’ of children”.

The homepage of the Laotian national news agency said that in the warm embrace of leader Kim Jong Un, who puts children forward as “kings” of the country and spares nothing for them, Korean children are growing up vigorously and healthily as masters of the future enjoying all happiness of the world and receiving free education and medical care.

And an article on the website of the Brazil centre for the study of Songun politics said that now when children are falling prey to poverty, all kinds of diseases and crimes around the world arousing concern of the international community, those in the DPRK are held dear as “kings” of the country and priceless treasure and granted human rights at the top level.

Besides, lots of foreign personages and organizations asserted that Korean children have a rosier future in the embrace of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un who regards younger generations as the most precious treasure of the country and the issues concerning them as the most important state affair.