New nano-cloth put into wider use

The applied nanotechnology institute of the nano-engineering branch of the State Academy of Sciences has recently developed a hydrophobic antibiotic nano-cloth.

“It is a current worldwide trend in the textile industry to develop functional textile products with such effects as antibiosis, prevention of electric charge, conductivity, infrared radiation, thermal insulation and ultraviolet screening by using nano-materials and applied nanotechnology,” said developer Jong Un Sun, section chief of the institute, adding the hydrophobic antibiotic nano-cloth is an outcome of the rapid development of nanotechnology.

According to her, the new nano-cloth has various advantages.

Since its antibiotic resistance to Staphylococcus citreus and Escherichia coli is almost 100 percent, the new cloth can be widely applied in the production of surgical robes and white gowns in the health sector as well as the foodstuff and cosmetics industries.

Its hydrophobicity makes it effective in preventing pollution from water and providing a clean environment at car washes and fishing stations and other places that use much water.

The new material can be also used in the production of different kinds of consumer goods like umbrella, suit and raincoat.

It was registered as a high-tech product last year, and now the popularity of and demand for the nano-cloth are constantly rising.