Kigwancha achieves good results in training wrestlers

A coach and wrestlers are engrossed in training at the Kigwancha Sports Club

The Kigwancha Sports Club has recently produced a lot of promising wrestlers.

It is unthinkable apart from coaches’ innovative guidance over training.

While directing primary attention to heightening the players’ sense of match, coaches intensify training to improve their special physical abilities.

While increasing the intensity of training more than before, they improve the method of training to boost players’ absolute strength and strength endurance in special physical training.

In addition, they demand wrestlers consolidate their special techniques on a high level and intensify the training for improving their selective reaction and defence and counterattack abilities.

“Developing the ability to maintain effective communication between coaches and players and between players of the team is an essential element in promoting teamwork and honing technical skills,” said coach Kim Ju Hyok.

While making exacting demands on the players, the coaches pay close attention to fully understanding and building trust with them by creating more space of contacts with them in life and training.

“In order to become a successful wrestler, you should train hard and possess perseverance and good sports morals,” said Kim Hung Chun, wrestling head coach of the club.

The coaches demand their players be modest and respect each other in training and life and fulfil their responsibility.

The club also encourages rookies to acquire new techniques and tactics through contests with seniors.

“Such an effort is bearing good fruit in refining techniques,” said coach Han Yong Chol.