International efforts enhanced to protect ecological environment of earth

Amid the dynamic worldwide push to protect the ecological environment of the earth, India has recently come up with a plan to reduce carbon dioxide emission by popularizing the means of transportation using clean energy.

The Indian minister of land and maritime transport and highway said on October 5 that the government would tightly control the standard of gas emission in order to step up the spread of means of transportation based on clean energy, especially electric cars, and attain the goal of greenhouse gas reduction, adding that it would cut carbon emission until 2030 by 33 to 35 percent as against 2005 as part of the efforts to implement the Paris agreement on climate change.

India plans to expand the scale of use of battery cars, hydrogen fuel cars and means of transportation using biological ethanol and to increase the rate of electric cars by 30 percent and the marketing ratio of two-wheelers and tricycles using electricity by 40 percent in the total volume of sales of local cars until 2030.

Russia also strives to protect environment.

At the conference of government members on environmental protection on October 5, Russian President Putin asserted that greenhouse gas absorption plans take an important share, saying it is insufficient to solve the issue of global warming by decreasing greenhouse gas emission alone.

He said it is needed to increase the effectiveness of utilizing forests and land several times in order to make the best use of the potentiality of greenhouse gas absorption in forests, tundra, farmland, marshland and oceans of the country. He also referred to the need to expand forest restoration area, find out virgin land and introduce new agricultural techniques.

As part of the efforts to protect ecological environment, North Macedonia also decided to forbid the use of plastic bags. On October 4, the minister of environment of the country announced that it would ban the use of plastic bags from December 1 according to the national plan of waste management (between 2021 and 2031), use only bags made of biodegradable materials and the fee which is imposed during the purchase of plastic bags will be accumulated in the environmental protection fund.

In order to significantly cut the amount of exhaust gas emission of vehicles, Nigeria has recently discussed the issue of using power-driven natural gas and decided to set up filling stations for injecting gas into natural gas-powered cars in different cities.

It also makes positive efforts to use liquefied natural gas or clean and effective fuel with a high calorific value in place of cooking firewood.

South Africa made public a plan to build a hydrogen valley, which will reportedly produce clean electricity by using hydrogen and substitute for gasoline and a variety of other fuels.

International effortss will get brisker to protect the ecological environment of the earth in the future.