FM spokesman: Accusations of developing same weapon system are double-standards

 Wrong action likely to cause more serious consequences, he warns

A spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the DPRK gave the following answer to a question put by the KCNA on October 20 as regards the fact that the US is unreasonably picking a quarrel with the DPRK over its test-firing of a new-type SLBM:

The test-firing of the new-type SLBM by the Academy of Defence Science of the DPRK on October 19 was part of the normal activities for carrying out the medium- and long-term plan for the development of defence science and it did not pose any threat or damage to the security of the neighbouring countries and region.

This notwithstanding, the spokespersons for the White House and the Department of State and the Indo-Pacific Command described the DPRK's exercise of its legitimate right to self-defence as a "violation of the resolution" of the UNSC and a "threat" to regional peace and stability, and the US is taking such extremely provocative moves as calling for convening an emergency meeting of the UNSC.

It truly concerns us that the US is showing abnormal reactions to the exercise of the right to self-defence proper and just to a sovereign state.

As already clarified, the DPRK's deterrent does not aim at a specified state or forces but is for preventing the war itself and defending the sovereign rights. And the US and south Korea have been excluded from the list of our arch-enemies.

When doing the recent test-firing we did not have the US in mind nor aimed at it, but it is the work which had already been planned purely for the defence of the country. So there is no need for the US to worry or trouble itself over the test-firing.

To criticize the DPRK for developing and test-firing the same weapon system as the one the US possesses or is developing is a clear expression of double-standards and it only excites our suspicion about the "authenticity" of its statement that it does not antagonize the DPRK.

If the US does not take issue with the DPRK's regular and legitimate exercise of the sovereign right, no tension will be caused on the Korean peninsula. But if the US and its vassal forces persist with opting for a wrong action, it may act as a catalyst for more serious consequences.

We have already expressed strong concern over the fact that the US and the UNSC are tampering with a dangerous "time bomb".