Hobbies of American ‘gentlemen’

It has recently been publicized that staff members of the US Embassy in Russia stole a Russian citizen’s backpack containing money and other things at a café in Moscow.

According to the Russian citizen’s report, the bag contained a passport, a computer mouse and sports uniforms valued together at 15 000 rubles.

The General Bureau of the Interior of Moscow took this incident up as a criminal case pursuant to Article 158 of the Russian Federation Criminal Law, and found out that the thieves were three staff members of the US Embassy. Accordingly, the Russian Foreign Ministry sent a verbal note to the US Embassy, demanding that the latter either deprive them of the diplomatic immunity and bring them to the pretrial hearing or let them leave Russia immediately.

Being in a fluster, the US Embassy reportedly let those criminals slip hastily out of Russia.

The criminal act committed by members of the US Embassy in Russia is not the first of its kind.

In June 2016, two diplomats of the US Embassy in Russia rashly beat a Russian policeman who requested them to show ID cards at the entrance of the Embassy, only to be expelled from Russia. There was an incident in spring this year where a diplomat of the US Embassy was caught by the police after attempting to run away with a railroad switch in his car trunk – the switch he had stolen at a railway station in Tver Oblast.

Such behaviours unfit for the function of diplomats who are generally regarded as representing civilization of the sending state speak volumes about the true feature of the American society largely beset with extreme selfishness and the law of the jungle.

The United States had better control its diplomats who are disgracing themselves by committing all sorts of crimes and misdeeds in other countries, rather than attempting to admonish other countries and impose its values and will on them under the pretense of being a “model of freedom and democracy.”