Administrative policy illuminates way for overall development in socialist construction

The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un clarified the administrative policy of the government at the Fifth Session of the 14th Supreme People’s Assembly of the DPRK on September 29.

The historic administrative policy is an expression of the firm self-confidence of the Workers’ Party of Korea which is determined to bring earlier the brighter future of Korean-style socialism.

At present, Korean socialism is making progress with fresh impetus.

Thanks to the consistent, in-depth and dynamic struggle of the Workers’ Party of Korea and the state for increasing the country’s own force, the internal motive force, the single-hearted unity between the Party and the people, which is the driving force of socialist construction, has been cemented remarkably and a series of positive changes distinct from those of the past have taken place in economic construction. And as dynamic efforts have been made to innovate other fields, successes constituting a step forward have been attained to support the prosperity and development of the country.

However, the Korean people are confronted with mountains of obstacles and tasks in their advance towards a new victory in socialist construction.

In his policy speech, General Secretary Kim Jong Un said that the most crucial task facing the government is to prove the new development in the building of Korean-style socialism with practical achievements and substantial changes much waited for and welcomed by the people from the first year in implementing the five-year plan.

It is the WPK’s will to lead the people to a rosier future by further consolidating the popular nature in all fields of state affairs and bringing about fresh innovation, bold creation and steady progress on all fronts of socialist construction.

The seed of the administrative policy is to achieve overall prosperity and development of every sector of socialist construction.

The fresh development in the building of Korean socialism is not confined to certain specific sectors. It is the DPRK’s outlook on development that all sections of society, not just a few sections, should be developed.

The administrative policy elucidated in an all-round way the issues arising in achieving the development of all sectors including those of channelling constant efforts into strengthening the political and ideological might, of powerfully promoting the independent development of the state economy, achieving cultural progress peculiar to rural areas by carrying through the programme on socialist rural construction and making new development commensurate to the image of the country, and of consistently regarding the idea of attaching importance to science and technology as the core national policy and applying it to all fields and sectors. And it set carrying out those issues as the immediate task facing the WPK and the government.

The country is now entering a more urgent and crucial time in its long course of socialist construction.

Encouraged by the General Secretary’s policy speech, all the Korean people are filled with a new confidence and resolve to conduct a vigorous struggle to achieve overall development on all fronts of socialist construction.