Birth of era of our-state-first principle

The Korean people are now in the era of our-state-first principle, the most dignified and pride-filled time in their development course.

The era of our-state-first principle is a new era of self-respect and prosperity which was brought about as the Workers’ Party of Korea made every possible effort for the good of the people and persistently built up its own strength while dauntlessly braving all challenges of history and as a result of the do-or-die struggle to enhance the dignity and status of the state.

The birth of the era was possible as the faith and will of the Korean people, who are eager to demonstrate socialist Korea to the world under the leadership of the WPK, were remarkably sublimated and the overall national strength and prestige were increased radically.

After Chairman Kim Jong Il passed away unexpectedly, the WPK launched an unyielding offensive to notch up victories against all obstacles by rousing all the people to action in the face of worst trials.

In particular, it put forward the politics of the people-first principle as a fundamental issue decisive of the existence of the Party and the victory or defeat of the state and as the major mode of politics in the period of taking over and carrying forward the Juche revolution and has administered it consistently.

It put forth the revolutionary slogan “Everything for the people and everything by relying on them!”, made sure that selfless, devoted service for the people ran through all Party and state activities and carried on production and construction by prioritizing the promotion of the people’s welfare, with the result that the people-first principle has been established as the durable political climate and traits of the Party and state.

It boosted its strength as much as possible to usher in an era of tremendous change when rapid advance of socialist construction is promoted.

In the course of the all-people struggle for stepping up socialist construction by giving the fullest play to the self-development capacity, self-reliance became a national trait of Juche Korea, the one and only fighting spirit of the Korean people, and the lifeline of the independent national economy, the socialist economy, was firmly safeguarded.

The WPK built a powerful national defence capability no one dares to make light of.

Though the moves of hostile forces to strip the DPRK of its rights to sovereignty, existence and development were unimaginably aggressive, the WPK accomplished the great historic cause of the nation for building up the country’s self-reliant defence capability, which could not be achieved even in 20 or 30 years by conventional way of thinking, in a few years.

It also remarkably boosted the strategic position and prestige of the country by organizing and leading offensive and adroit external activities.

Thanks to the do-or-die struggle of the Korean people who are boundlessly faithful to the leadership and cause of the WPK, the DPRK could daringly break through manifold difficulties and usher in the era of our-state-first principle.