Children squarely compete in national festival, international stage

Choe Won Hung (six-year-old), Ro Ye Song (also six) and Song Ja Ye (five) of Changgwang Kindergarten presented their works to the second national festival of sculptures and handicrafts in celebration of the 73rd anniversary of the DPRK last September.

The works of young prodigies drew the attention of many visitors at the venue of the festival participated in by prestigious artists, experts and fans.

Choe brought out coloured-clay handicrafts, while Ro and Song presented embroidery works.

Their works were readily unbelievable to be made by children as they gave a vivid and deep portrayal of their pleasant life in the kindergarten and the scenes of pictorial book.

The coloured-clay handicraft depicting different children tastily drinking sour milk seem as if their laughter is heard, and the bread on the table is so lifelike that it seems to give off savoury smell. And in the other handicraft, the appearance of those picking a huge radish by joining efforts, including a grandpa, grandma and puppy, elicits the laughter of viewers.

In the meantime, Ro and Song decorated the background of their embroideries with subdued and well-balanced colours and promoted the characteristics of the “king’s van” coming to the kindergarten every day, loaded with sour milk, the fruits they eat at the snack time and the flowers in the kindergarten’s flower garden using diverse embroidery techniques.

They all study at the art group of the kindergarten.

“We find out children with gifted talents for painting to teach them how to draw and do coloured-clay handicrafts and embroidery at the art group. Choe, Ro and Song have all unusual temperament and character,” said Jong Yong Ae, teacher in charge of the group.

Jong, who have trained lots of talented children for nearly 20 years, got Choe, who likes to often draw something, to lay the foundation of art as she instructed embroidery to Ro and Song, who have good faculty of observation, are precise and have steady character.

As if taking after his artist father, Won Hung drew pictures of everything he saw and once he started to draw, he would keep drawing for hours. His talent developed beyond recognition under the guidance of his teacher.

In a little over a year since he enrolled at the group, he readily sketches any features and excels in coloured-clay handicrafts.

His crayon painting “Playing at doctors” came third at the recent seventh Asian children’s picture exhibition.

Ro and Song also acquired many embroidery techniques as well as painting skills under the guidance of their teacher Jong. According to her, the former’s style is featured by the delicate reflection of objects while the latter’s style by sincere and correct depiction.

“It is the duty of our teachers to find out and bring into full bloom the bud of talents of children from their kindergarten days. Children give full play to their talents in the embrace of the socialist system where all conditions needed for the education of children are fully ensured and prominent children are put forward so that they can be known throughout the country,” said Yong Ae.