Why does US make a fuss about ‘rules-based international order’?

Today, the international society strongly denounces the founding of the US-led “AUKUS” and the US decision on transferring the technology of building nuclear-powered submarine to Australia as a “military bloc based on the logic of Cold War” and an “irresponsible act posing danger of nuclear proliferation and triggering the arms race”.

The founding of “AUKUS” under the pretext of establishing the “rules-based international order” and the attempt at transfer of even the nuclear technology are a concentrated expression of the double-dealing and Janus-like policy of the US.

It is a well-known fact that the US has long deployed its nuclear assets all over the world to threaten and blackmail the countries of its dislike with nuclear weapons, in utter breach of international agreements and order.

Especially, the US has grown ever more brazen in recent years in its double-dealing and self-conceited acts of violating the universally accepted international order in the Asia-Pacific region where the strategic interests of several countries are inextricably intertwined.

Despite this fact, the US talks quite often about “rules-based international order”, posing as if it alone is “faithful” to the international agreements and order and has authority to “supervise” them.

However, everybody knows like the back of his hand the true intention of the US catchphrase: “rules-based international order.”

No goodliness would come out of a place rife with chaos.

Having no scruple about withdrawing from an international organization when it does not suit its taste and even reducing overnight the international disarmament treaty directly related to world peace and security to a mere scrap paper – this is the true nature of the US-advocated “rules-based international order.”

In other words, the “rules” that the US is making a fuss about are not the “rules” of impartiality, objectivity and universality but those of the “US style” which serve the American values to the core, and the US favorite phrase of “international order” is the one necessary for maintaining the US’ hegemony as it is a far cry from world peace and security.

The US uses the American-style gangster-like logic and argument that its nuclear threat to other countries is “for keeping the international order” and that other countries’ exercise of the right to self-defence to cope with the US military threat is a “breach of the international order”. This is the height of application of double standards.

The overall international society is criticizing this, commenting that “American-style double standards are a vivid expression of American-style hegemony”, the US is “a global hex” and “the US is the biggest troublemaker in terms of global stability”.

Recently, a spokesperson for the Chinese Foreign Ministry stressed that the founding of the “AUKUS” is an attempt to fabricate the US-centered rules and order in the region and defend the leading position of the US as well as its system of hegemony.

The overall fact gives a positive proof that peace and security in the region and the rest of the world are becoming much more unstable owing to the self-opinionated and hypocritical acts of high-handedness and arbitrariness perpetrated by the US around the world.

Peace is the common desire of mankind.

The international community should squarely see the reactionary nature of “rules-based international order” advertised by the US and no longer tolerate high-handedness and arbitrariness of the US that totally destroys and tramples on peace and security in the region and the rest of the world.


Kim Hyo Myong, researcher at the Society for International Politics Study