A couple ties the knot with a true zeal for Taekwon-Do

Pak Yun and Yun Jong Sam discuss how to make students perform correct Taekwon-Do movements.

The Nampho City Taekwon-Do Club produced many Taekwon-Do aces who won national and international events in the past.

“It is not easy to teach young martial artists for a long time to become promising players,” said Mun Jong Sok, manager of the club.

According to him, the club has a juvenile Taekwon-Do school to teach the Korean martial art to students in their teens.

Among the teachers who are strict at school and devoted like parents in life are Yun Jong Sam, a coach at the Nampho City Taekwon-Do Club, and Pak Yun, an instructor at the juvenile Taekwon-Do school, who have worked for more than 20 and 10 years respectively for the education in Taekwon-Do.

They had known each other in their childhood at the Taekwon-Do group of the then Hanggu Middle School, Hanggu District of Nampho.

Manager Mun Jong Sok was their teacher.

“At the time I had never thought that they would marry,” recalled Mun.

He said that Yun led the martial art group as its captain through the whole period at school and Pak was a young hopeful loved by all.

“After graduation, they separated. Yun became Taekwon-Do coach and Pak was selected by the Taekwon-Do Club of the Korean Taekwon-Do Committee,” said Mun.

They met again after Pak Yun graduated from Nampho University of Education and was appointed an instructor of Juvenile Taekwon-Do School under the city Taekwon-Do club. She suffered from a knee injury and it was diagnosed as too serious to continue her professional career.

“Our aims to bring honour to the country with Taekwon-Do brought us together,” said the couple.

It happened one day soon after Pak gave birth to their son.

A student, called Kim Ju Il, who was living in a far-away farm village, visited their house with an ambitious dream of becoming a Taekwon-Do player. His physical constitution was suitable for the sport, but he lived too far away. So no one wanted to take charge of him. But the couple trained him for five years while looking after him with parental care together with their suckling son and helped him become a promising player of the Taekwon-Do Club of the Korean Taekwon-Do Committee.

“Ham Su Gyong, Pak Ji Hyang, Han Myong Il and other players brought honour to the country with gold medals and their achievements are attributable to the untiring efforts of the couple. I am very proud to have disciples like them and I would like to extend my greetings to them as a human being as well as their teacher,” said Mun Jong Sok.