Artificial lake of Yonphung

Yonphung Scientists Holiday Camp on the shore of Lake Yonphung.

Lake Yonphung which is located between Anju and Kaechon cities of South Phyongan Province is an artificial lake built in the period between 1947 and 1956 by damming the lower reaches of the Huiju River.

The irrigation lake covers an area of 14.58km2 and is 88.5km in circumference.

Lying north and south, it has two main streams and its shoreline is much indented.

Its catchment area consists in a hilly area surrounded by such mountains as Chonwang, Songam, Namhae and Ryojong and the mountain slopes in the area are gentle.

As the area is thickly wooded, it has a good condition for fostering water source.

The lake water is used to irrigate more than 100 000 hectares of farmlands along the over 2 000km waterway and the lake is of great importance in generating electricity and preventing the overflowing of the Taedong River.

The lake is rich in animal and plant resources and pleasure boat service is provided on it to draw many tourists to the scenic spot.

On the lakeside there are a children’s camp and a holiday camp and sanatoriums for working people.

Especially, the holiday camp for scientists which was built in a distinctive style to go well with the surroundings adds more beauty to the lake.