All cry, laugh together

It is said that pleasure gets bigger and sorrow smaller when shared.

This saying reflects the ideological and spiritual traits of the Korean people who share warm affection as they form a large harmonious family.

The whole village worries about the suffering of a family and everybody respects and cares for the people who devoted their all to society, collective and country.

There are innumerable masters of beautiful traits of respecting war veterans as revolutionary forerunners, looking after them with the affection of their kindred and becoming wives and husbands of special-class honoured disabled soldiers.

The ideological and spiritual traits of the Korean people who cry and laugh together are further demonstrated in the face of growing trials and difficulties.

For flood victims who suffered terrible natural disasters, many Party members of the capital city rushed to reconstruction sites, producers throughout the country waged an intensive production campaign day and night to supply necessary materials as early as possible and the whole country sent daily necessities to them.

Thanks to the powerful reconstruction measure for recovery from natural disasters taken by the Workers’ Party of Korea and the DPRK government, splendid new houses were built in damaged areas in a short time and the joy of moving into new homes in succession was shared by the whole country.