Locally-run factories hit annual targets in North Phyongan

Locally-run factories in North Phyongan Province have made innovative achievements in fulfilling their annual economic plans ahead of schedule.

The Sinuiju Bag Factory directed primary efforts to localizing and recycling raw and other materials and developing new products as it overfulfilled its annual plan by 10 percent until last October.

Workers and technicians of the factory pooled their creative wisdom and efforts to establish a new production process for recycling compressed sponge and improve the performance of a laser cutter and heating press as they applied dozens of valuable technical innovation plans.

The Jangwon disabled soldiers’ essential plastic goods factory in Sinuiju established the production processes of belts for students and water-saving taps and put their production on a normal track.

The Unsan County Chemical Factory has achieved success in the production of mass consumer goods by keeping up recycling as a lifeline, while the Pakchon County Chemical Daily Necessities Factory has provided itself with a limestone ultrafine grinder to turn out quality coating materials.

The Changsong County Textile Mill remodelled a pneumatic weaving machine and perfected its production process to boost the productivity for quilts, thus fulfilling its annual plan ahead of schedule.

The Sinuiju Leather Shoes Factory, Kumsan Drink Factory in Unsan County and Changsong County jute bag factory are making continuous innovations and progress in the spirit they displayed as they carried out their assignments for this year.