New online educational methods introduced

The online education faculty of Kim Chaek University of Technology developed several distance education methods this year alone.

“In the online education for the education of general and major basic subjects and major subjects, our faculty has created and introduced teaching methods that make the teaching content practicable, comprehensive and up-to-the-minute so that working people can acquire working knowledge, and they prove very effective,” said Kim Jang Hak, section chief of the faculty.

For example, the survey machine instrument learning, in which teaching method was applied through interlock with virtual reality, helps a lecturer give the explanation of principles, while measuring the target object in the VR with the help of survey machine instruments, and discuss it with students. So, the method was designed in such a way as that students can have enough understanding of teaching contents with the feeling that they undergo practical training in reality under the guidance of the lecturer.

A dozen online teaching plans, including physics combined with basic education, the basics of information technology combined with object and virtual environment, materials science which is connected with VR technology and analytical chemistry in which lecture is combined with experiment, have been designed in a popular and plain way in terms of content to be taught.

Unlike the past when lectures were given to all students who receive online education with the same subjects, lecturers developed an online teaching method by subdividing subjects to be taught in the course so that students can select their necessary subject for production activities.

They also worked out online teaching plans in the form of hypermedia and created and introduced a teaching method for giving bidirectional lectures in order to enable online students to be proactive learners and knowledge seekers.

They helped students raise their level of foreign language by actively using the teaching method in which the teaching of specialized subject is combined with that of foreign language in online lectures.

The teaching method for improving students’ ability of conceiving power and designing capacity and way of lectures based on VR and AR technologies enables students to enhance the efficiency of recognition to the maximum.