Technical experience sharing on protein-rich insect held

A technical experience sharing on the use of Hermetia illucens was held in the way of videoconferencing under the sponsorship of the Central Committee of the General Federation of Science and Technology of Korea on November 24-25.

More than 70 study papers were presented by scientists, researchers and three-revolution team members of scores of units including the poultry institute of the Ministry of Agriculture, biodiversity institute of the State Academy of Sciences, Pyongyang Ostrich Farm, Mangyongdae Chicken Farm and Sohung Poman Fish Farm.

Highly appreciated were such papers as “Nano bioactivity stimulant highly effective for removing harmful gas”, “Some factors for oviposition of adult Hermetia illucens and eclosion method based on hatching pads” and “Nutritional value of Hermetia illucens and research into using the insect for catfish feed”.

During the presentation, there were a technical lecture on technologies for breeding the protein-rich insect and a science film watching.