He who spits against heaven will have it on his face 


Some time ago, the Minister for the Commonwealth, UN and South Asia of the UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office reportedly spoke ill of the DPRK over its “human rights issue” out of malice.

He displayed his lack of intelligence with his own enumeration about “humanitarian situation” such as “malnutrition” and “food shortages”. Not content with that, he even said that he would examine the report “documenting religious freedom violations in north Korea” which was drafted by Korea Future Initiative, a gathering of the scum of the earth. Through this, he has betrayed his own ignorance of, blind prejudice against and hostility to the DPRK.

This time David Alton, a member of the House of Lords, is said to have put a written question to him. He is no more than a political imposter who was already shunned by people for having been engrossed in the anti-DPRK smear campaign in the past as he hurt the sentiments of our people and invited “defectors from the north” to stage a “hearing” at the parliamentary building.

It can’t but be an act of a blind fool lacking in rudimentary judgment that the high-ranking official of the UK government provoked us with the fabricated information he had not seen with his own eyes, just being taken in by such an imposter.

Everything serves the people and everything is directed towards promoting their interests in our country which holds the people-first principle as a noble political ideal. Even the people from Western countries who visited our country have sympathy with it.

As for the “human rights issue”, the UK has lost its face and has no right to find fault with others over that.

“Privacy International”, one of the NGOs, described the UK as the world’s most notorious “country that conducts the strictest surveillance” against its inhabitants since it records every single movement of its own people with 4.2 million surveillance cameras installed across the country. “Kids’ Rights Foundation” headquartered in the Netherlands announced in its 2021 report on the human rights situation of children that the UK is ranked 169th among 182 countries studied. These facts alone are good enough to take stock of the dismal human rights situation in the UK.

It is only some time ago that black players of the England football team were subjected to extreme racial discrimination and contempt due to the failure in their penalty shoot-outs in the UEFA EURO finals.

The above-said facts are just a tiny part of human rights violations which are rampant in the UK.

The UK is keeping the worst record of human rights violation, much to the consternation of the world people. If it is still absorbed in its sloppy and mean trick, taking the lead in distorting and fabricating the true picture of our human rights situation, it will only evoke ridicule and disillusionment among the world people.

He who spits against heaven will have it on his face. The UK would be well- advised to keep in mind this logic.

Choe Hyon Do, researcher at the Korea-Europe Association