A spike in the bag sticks up

Lately, the United States has quite often mentioned “Taiwan Relations Act” and is becoming more undisguised in its attempt to butt in over the issue of Taiwan which is part of China’s internal affairs.

A few days ago, the White House National Security Advisor asserted that the US would no longer seek a regime change in China but stick to the One China principle while committing itself to the “Taiwan Relations Act” at the same time.

Under similar contexts, the US Secretary of State said that, in accordance with the “Taiwan Relations Act”, the US promised Taiwan the possession of self-defense capabilities. The spokesperson for the US State Department also argued that the recent visit to Taiwan by members of the US Congress was quite a normal and customary one taking place under the “Taiwan Relations Act”.

In this regard, President Xi Jinping and Foreign Minister Wang Yi recently had a video conference and telephone conversation with their US counterparts respectively. They disclosed that the situation of Taiwan is getting tense because certain forces within the US are trying to put pressure upon China with the Taiwan issue as a leverage, and strongly demanded that the US side oppose the act of “Taiwan independence” if it truly wants to ensure peace in the Taiwan Straits.

On November 9, the spokespersons for the Chinese foreign and defense ministries issued statements in relation to the visit to Taiwan by the US congressmen aboard a US air force aircraft. They warned the US side to clearly realize that involving themselves in a war gamble with the “Taiwan independence” forces will eventually bring about their own ruin and called for an immediate stop to all destructive acts that escalate tension in the Taiwan Straits.

They emphasized that the Chinese People’s Liberation Army will always maintain the highest readiness and take every necessary measure to resolutely frustrate intervention by any foreign force and its plot to divide China through “Taiwan independence”.

Accordingly, the CPLA troops in the eastern battle zone conducted joint combat exercises and border patrol in the surrounding areas of the Taiwan Straits. The spokesperson for the eastern battle zone of the CPLA announced that the recent military maneuvers were measures to cope with the anachronistic frivolity of the relevant country over the issue of Taiwan as well as the attempts of the “Taiwan independence” forces, and to defend national sovereignty.

The US has now hung a specious signboard of “coexistence” with China. But, on the other hand, it persistently meddles in the issue of Taiwan. Lurking behind this is the sinister intention of the US to relax China’s vigilance before dividing and disintegrating it.

All the facts prove once again that, however hard the US tries to give plausible excuses to veil its true intention, it can by no means hide its inveterate repugnance for socialism and its ambition to contain China and hold world supremacy and that one should face up to the US hegemony to the end by steadily building up one’s own strength.