South Hamgyong boosts sideline production

South Hamgyong Province is concentrating on sideline production to benefit from it.

Cooperative farms in Hamhung have built vegetable greenhouses in order to supply the local workers with a variety of vegetables all the year round.

Yodok and Hochon counties made an effective use of non-farming land and surrounding mountains to grow such oil-bearing crops as sunflower and perilla and various edible herbs and the harvests are of substantial help to the dietary life of residents. Cooperative farms in Tanchon City and Sinhung and Jongphyong counties produce such earthenware as kimchi jar and flowerpot, stebioside and grasswork by using locally-abundant materials and they are very popular with users.

Kumya, Hamju, Yonggwang and other counties increase sideline production using local farm products, thereby contributing to improving the dietary life of farmers.

The recent exhibition of sideline products in South Hamgyong Province showcased the successes and experience of excellent cooperative farms and measures were taken to intensify sideline production.