Koryo medicine pharmaceutical factories renovated

Projects have been undertaken to modernize Koryo medicine pharmaceutical factories in the DPRK.

“To renovate Koryo medicine pharmaceutical factories in a modern way takes an important part in strengthening material and technical foundations of the public health sector,” said Jon Pyong Il, an official of the Ministry of Public Health.

According to him, more than 30 units have been rebuilt this year, including the Junggu Koryo Medicine Pharmaceutical Factory in Pyongyang, Hoeryong City Koryo Medicine Pharmaceutical Factory and Nampho Koryo Medicine Pharmaceutical Factory.

The renovated Kanggye Koryo Medicine-processing Factory put the production of Koryo medicines on a scientific and modern basis at a high level. Its production processes have been automated and germ- and dust-free, ranging from the feeding of raw materials to the packaging of products, and an active electric boiler has been installed to convert processes to energy-saving ones.

The Samjiyon City Koryo Medicine Pharmaceutical Factory modernized the processes for packing tablets and liquid medicine.

Koryo medicine pharmaceutical factories in Pyongyang hasten the renovation of production sites and upgrading of equipment in line with GMP.

Mangyongdae, Pothonggang and other Koryo medicine pharmaceutical factories upgraded such production facilities as tablet machine, vibrating powder sizer and three-dimensional mixer to establish production processes fit for GMP while improving functions of extraction concentrator, moulding machine, etc. so as to increase the output of Koryo medicine.