Traditional Korean medicine updated

“To constantly update traditional medicines takes an important share in developing Koryo medicine to suit the constitution and way of life of our people. In recent years our institute carried out dozens of research projects for updating Koryo medicines,” said Nam Kung Jin, director of the Koryo medicine basic research institute of the Koryo Medicine General Hospital.

The institute with a long history of research into traditional Korean medicines is staffed with competent researchers with high academic degrees and grand titles including PhD and associate professor and has a solid foundation for research.

In recent years the researchers have come up with lots of research findings through proactive studies.

Remarkable progress has been made especially in research and development of various efficient Koryo medicines for diseases of cerebral blood circulatory and cardiovascular systems.

Researchers processed and prepared afresh Koryo medicines to replace some Western medicines that produce harmful side effects.

To address the shortcomings of a Western medicine which makes patients feel thirsty or sleepy when taken for a long period, the researchers developed a more effective medicine for improving cerebral blood circulation by adding the gingko-leaf extract and a Hwanggum obesity tablet that can replace an obesity drug with hormone-inhibiting action.

The tablet has no side effects but contains ingredients with various functions good for health and therefore it is already produced by lots of medicine producers.

The institute standardized the methods of producing nearly ten kinds of Koryo medicine extracts including those of haw and hawthorn leaves.

Kim Hye Ryon, PhD, associate professor and researcher, said: “In making extracts of traditional medicines, we selected the methods that suit our specific conditions. We adopted cost-saving methods that can be introduced by any units to extract medicinal substances as much as possible.”

In addition, the institute developed such highly efficient Koryo medicines as haw tablet for heart diseases and gingkgolide injection for brain and heart diseases and standardized their quality.

The medicines developed by the institute are manufactured at the Myongbang pharmacy and other medicine producers.