Abduction and drafting of Koreans–gravest crimes with no statute of limitations (3)

Forced drafting and labour imposed upon Koreans are serious violation of international law

The Japanese imperialists’ policy on forced drafting of Koreans and imposition of forced labour upon them is an inescapably grave crime from a legal point of view, to say nothing of ethical and moral aspects.

It is because the policy constitutes an outrageous breach of international law and the relevant regulations pertaining to humanity.

The relevant regulations of the Far Eastern International Military Tribunal and of the Nuremberg International Military Tribunal specify that massacre, annihilation, enslavement, abduction and other inhumane acts perpetrated against civilians before or during hostilities constitute war crimes regardless of whether or not they are against the domestic law of the country where the crimes were committed.

The Japanese imperialists’ policy on forced drafting of Koreans and imposition of forced labour upon them is apparently a war crime.

All the criminals who had worked out and carried out the policy should have unquestionably been brought to trial of history according to the above-said regulations.

The Japanese laws of that time including “National Mobilization Act” and “National Draft Ordinance” which the Japanese imperialists used as legal ground are all in contravention of the relevant international laws and regulations.

The Japanese government’s ongoing attempt to distort and obliterate the de facto and de jure pursuit of the policy on forced drafting and labour are tantamount to shielding the crimes of the Japanese militarists, and it is no different from attempting to follow in the footsteps of its forerunners.

No matter how desperately Japan tries to deny and distort the history, justice and conscience will never tolerate it. And the more it tries to cover up its crimes of abduction and forced drafting of Koreans, the higher the price its future generations will be made to pay, as such an attempt will only be multiplying the crimes.


Kim Jong Hyok, researcher at the Institute for Studies of Japan, the DPRK Ministry of Foreign Affairs