Single-minded devotion

Single-minded devotion means loyalty and warmhearted sincerity devoted to only one purpose or cause.

During the past anti-Japanese armed struggle, revolutionary fighters entrusted their destiny to the leader of the revolution and sacrificed their youth and lives in the way of loyalty for General Kim Il Sung and victory of the Korean revolution.

Their noble ideological and moral qualities have been passed on to the rising generations.

After pledging firmly that he would always remain faithful to the great people, the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un demonstrated the dignity and might of the DPRK to the world with his outstanding revolutionary leadership and revolutionary practice and now devotes his all to providing the Korean people with wealthy and cultured life.

Deeply attracted by his image as a great man, the Koreans trust and follow him as heaven and are convinced that if they are led by him, everything goes well and if they follow him forever, they will achieve victory and prosperity.

Today, the Korean people faithfully support the cause of building a powerful socialist country led by the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un with more passionate single-minded devotion than ever before.