Silky fowl steamed with black glutinous rice

Silky fowl steamed with black glutinous rice

According to Koryo medicinal classics, vigour forms the basis in maintaining human life and activity.

To take good care of health, do moderate exercise and take different invigorating dishes is of importance in retarding ageing and living long.

Silky fowl steamed with black glutinous rice is a good dish for invigoration.

“Silky fowl, which was called thus since it is as black as crow as skin and bone are both black, is not only a good cooking material but also a fine nutrition food,” said Kim Kyong Suk, cook of the Chongnyu Restaurant.

Main ingredients of the dish are 800 grams of silky fowl and 120 grams of black glutinous rice, and additional ingredients include 60 grams of chestnut, 50 grams of jujube, 30 grams of gingko nut, 50 grams of walnut, 6 grams of salt, 10 grams of oil, 5 grams of sesame oil, 12 grams of hard liquor, 10 grams of honey, 15 grams of onion, 1 gram of black pepper and 2 grams of seasoning.

Kim Kyong Suk said that the heart and stomach of the chicken are cleaned and trimmed, parboiled in water and cut into slices. What is important here is to adjust temperature well so that cooking materials are not scattered, she added.

Put soaked black glutinous rice, unshelled walnuts, chestnuts and gingko nuts and stone-removed jujube into an oily pot to saute while adding salt, seasoning, black pepper, smashed Welsh onion, sesame oil, hard liquor and honey to season the food.

Put the saute into the well-trimmed stomach of the silky fowl, before putting the fowl in a vessel to steam it for three to four hours.

“The dish which achieves good harmony between the savoury aroma of silky fowl and the delicate flavour of the black glutinous rice has not only good taste but high nutrition,” said Kim Kyong Suk.