Meetings of young activists in displaying noble traits held

Meetings of active young people of virtue were held by the youth league committees of North Phyongan and North and South Hwanghae provinces and those of the Capital City Construction Commission and the High-Speed Youth Shock Brigade Management Bureau.

The meetings were attended by officials of Party and power organs, youth league officials, activists in displaying noble traits and other young people in the provinces and relevant units.

Speakers at the meetings referred to the fact that the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un who faithfully carries forward the idea of President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il of attaching importance to the youth has led young people to be performers of miracles and feats and heroes of beautiful virtues and noble traits in the struggle for winning fresh victory in socialist construction.

They also said that many young people have displayed beautiful traits by giving full play to the spirit of devotedly safeguarding the Party Central Committee, actively advancing to difficult and labour-consuming fields and devoting themselves to society, the collectives and comrades.

Young people get married to honoured disabled soldiers, look after war veterans as their kinsmen would do and volunteer for revolutionary battle sites in Mt Paektu area and posts on frontline islands to devote their wisdom and enthusiasm, they said, adding that this is an expression of a beautiful view on life of finding the honour and worth of youth on the road for the Party and the revolution.

They expressed their resolve to create miracles and become heroes on the major fronts for implementing the new five-year plan.