Gardener’s three decades of dedication

Wang Kum Sil tends the flower bed at the Pyongyang municipal flower production company.

Wang Kum Sil, workteam leader of the Pyongyang municipal flower production company, is well known as a woman good at growing flowering plants at the company.

Her workteam annually cultivates tens of thousands of flowers in dozens of species.

Wang is well versed in floriculture.

She can bring any kind of flowers into bloom under any conditions and she acquired such ability through 30 years of diligent labour.

When she started to work at the company in her maidenhood, Wang was romantic about floriculture.

“As I tended flowerpots at home, I thought that watering flowers and changing humus once or twice was everything about floriculture. But as I worked at the company, I realized that we can grow beautiful flowers only when we work devotedly with a mind which is more beautiful than flowers,” said Kum Sil.

Flower growing was very similar to crop farming. She had to keep touching soil all the year round as she observed the nutrition of plants and tended them in all sincerity just like taking care of child.

She was busy throughout the year with raising saplings, ensuring temperature and humidity, manuring and tending, producing humus and exterminating insects. She looked after flowers on flowerbeds in the burning heat of summer and gathered fallen leaves needed for making humus in parks where people strolled about happily in autumn.

The vagaries of the weather caused by abnormal climatic conditions frequently compelled her to come to the greenhouse in her charge at midnight after laying her baby to sleep.

But she found utmost joy and pride in seeing flowers burst into bloom as a result of her efforts and the passersby who were glad to see them.

After becoming workteam leader she devoted her affection also to her workteam members.

She sincerely helped them to all love flowers and tend them with devotion.

Before examining the conditions of flowers every morning, she would fathom the members and pay close attention to their living.

When one of them was laid up in bed with an illness, she took necessary measures for treatment with motherly affection. And when there were happy events in their families she shared joy with them and when they suffered from trouble she did her best to help them solve problems.

As a result, the members came to affectionately call her “our workteam leader” and “motherly workteam leader” and the unity of mind resulted in an increase in flower production every year.

A flower is beautiful for colour and shape and human is beautiful for good mind and diligent labour. Only such a beautiful man can grow beautiful flowers—this is the unanimous thought of her workteam.

Wang Kum Sil has been deputy to the district people’s assembly for two terms from 2014 and was honoured with the title of meritorious person of socialist patriotism in 2015.