Japan’s persistent moves to wreck peace

Japan’s political circles are getting more undisguised in their attempt to organize what they need and revise what is unfavourable for building a warlike state.

The Liberal Democratic Party, which secured the majority in the recent election for the House of Representatives, is trying to reorganize the “headquarters for promoting constitutional amendment” into “headquarters for realizing constitutional amendment” by availing itself of that opportunity.

This is part of Japan’s stubborn anti-peace move to secure a legal foothold for realizing its wild ambition for reinvasion by freeing itself from the restraints as a war criminal state.

Underlying the headquarters reorganization bid is the wild ambition to turn Japan into a warlike state at any cost.

Prime Minister Kishida, at a press conference held after the inauguration of the new Cabinet, said that the constitutional amendment was an important task for him as leader of the Liberal Democratic Party.

The core of the constitutional revision they are clamouring for is the transformation of the country into a warlike state. In other words, they are going to make Japan a “normal state” that is entitled to fight war by removing the stigma of war criminal state.

They advocate the realization of the amendment in order to reinforce the Self-Defence Forces into aggression forces capable of achieving the old dream of the “Greater East Asia Co-prosperity Sphere” and embark on overseas expansion audaciously.

The international community, however, does not tolerate such a “normal state” that tries to launch a war once again.

What Japan must do is not the anachronistic constitutional amendment aimed at reinvasion, but a sincere apology and reparations for its past crimes of aggression.

This is the way for it to become a truly normal state.