‘Ryongma’ creates public interest

Smart phone app, Ryongma, machine translation service system.

The machine translation service system, Ryongma, which was developed by the artificial intelligence institute of the information science department of Kim Il Sung University is attracting public interest.

“With economic and technical exchanges and competition becoming intense in the world, the greatest obstacle is a language barrier for introducing advanced technology. In order to help overcome it and improve the speed and quality of translation, we have brought out a program for two-way translation between Korean and seven foreign languages,” said researcher Sim Hyok Chol.

The system which applies the nerve machine translation technology is a cutting-edge artificial intelligence technique and makes sure that an 80-percent correctness is guaranteed on average in making two-way translation of English, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, German, French and Spanish.

Especially, the correctness of English-, Chinese- and Japanese-Korean translation is almost on a par with the level of an expert, thus making translation three times faster than previously.

Many local scientists issue papers on international academic journals by taking advantage of this system, and its effectiveness has been verified in that course.

The system helps ordinary people read data in different foreign languages in political, economic, cultural, sci-tech and other fields at any time. It is now winning popularity among introduction units.