Website ‘Kongang’ catches public eye

Although she ruined her lung due to lobar pneumonia and suffered different complications including type II diabetes, Ri Ok Son, old woman living in Moranbong District of Pyongyang, has maintained her life for over 20 years.

Neighbours praise her daughter Kye Ok Hui for sincere devotion, but Kye said that a household doctor and medical website Kongang (health) were of great help.

According to her, consultations with special medical workers and the experience or opinions of other patients suffering from similar diseases she learned through the website were a great help to curing her mother.

She added that subscribers can read detailed explanations of more than 2 000 pieces of medical supplies and medicines on the website and get a rapid and correct medical supplies through free delivery, and this is another great help.

Once Ri’s condition took a sudden turn for the worse as she had low blood sugar and the fluctuation of blood pressure.

That day, she got a good prescription through the website as she consulted with a doctor and drew on experience from others. When she gave an order for some pills, it was nearly at midnight. Feeling sorry for ordering the medicine too late, she heard the bell ring after a while. It was a delivery man who brought the pills ordered through the Kongang homepage.

Numerous subscribers enjoy the benefits of the website like her.

Messages of thanks posted on it every day clearly show public confidence in the website.

The website enjoys the growing popularity of users as it provides a service through mobile phones.