Institute wins top ten IT enterprise title for the third time

Staff members of the artificial intelligence institute of the information science department of Kim Il Sung University hold discussion about AI service system.

One of the draws at the national exhibition of IT achievements-2021, which was distinctively held by way of virtual exhibition last October, was the artificial intelligence program contest which showed the developments of the AI sector of the country.

According to Kim Sang Chol, a member of the jury, the contest was held divided into 10 events including face, speech and letter recognition program contests, drawing units nearly twice as many as before, and programs were much better in accuracy.

“We won seven events to take the first place in the contest,” said Han Sung Ju, deputy director of the artificial intelligence institute of the information science department of Kim Il Sung University.

The institute is said to be an academic research and goods production unit specializing in the development of AI theory and application technology.

Now that a fierce competition is going on in the world to develop the cognitive system almost on a par with human intelligence, the institute is working hard to put core AI technologies on a high level by using deep learning.

It carries on the research project on the basis of the Korean letter and speech recognition technologies it has developed for decades to dominate the domestic market.

In the course of this it improved the functions of the previous Korean letter recognition program to develop several AI apps including the one capable of recognizing different languages as well as Korean and other IT products.

The multilingual document recognition app which runs on a computer or a smart phone recognizes with high accuracy the document images in Korean, English, Chinese and Japanese, which are input by various image scanners, and converts them into PDF while ensuring over 99 percent of recognition rate and a recognition speed of over 200 letters per second.

The computer-aided translation app performs such functions as translation and memory search, machine translation service and direct PDF translation to increase the experts’ translation capacity up to four times.

The Korean speech recognizer converts reading-style continuous speech of any person, which is input through a microphone, into a text to produce a document at a speed over two times faster than typing.

The institute’s homepage Ryongma (legendary swift horse) on the national network is very popular with users.

It offers free online machine translation service to many subscribers every day, diffuses high-tech AI products and teaching materials and provides various exchange services.

“Our institute was selected as one of the top ten IT enterprises at the national exhibition of IT achievements-2021. It is the third time after we won the title at the exhibitions held in 2018 and 2019. We will achieve more successes in the development of artificial intelligence as we make a giant leap towards future like the legendary swift horse soaring high into the sky at a run,” said director Choe Chol.