Sustained efforts for enhancing capacity of hearing-impaired persons

The Sign Language Interpreters Association of Korea has produced hundreds of TV presentations with sign language subtitles for persons with hearing impairment this year.

The presentations on various themes, including the feature, travelogue series, artistic and literary show, introductory video and collection of world-famous juvenile stories, get high audience rating of hearing-impaired persons.

Especially, the collection of world-famous juvenile stories which was edited this year is said to be a presentation much waited by hearing-impaired children.

“TV presentations with sign language subtitles play a big role in ensuring hearing-impaired persons’ free language access and social intercourse based on sign language in all fields of politics, the economy and culture. We hope all the hearing-impaired persons in our country acquaint themselves with overall social life with the help of the presentations and redouble their efforts to take an active part in all activities,” said the chairman of the association.

At present, sign language announcers rack their brains to insert sign language so as to satisfy the diverse, growing demands of those persons.

The Korean Association of Deaf and Dumb is cooperating in the training of teachers with disabilities for the school of hearing-impaired students.

The Education Commission launched the training of disabled teachers this year in order to provide disabled students with kinder and more effective education and the Korean Association of Deaf and Dumb is cooperating in giving future teachers the practical training in hairdressing, clothes making and carpentry.

Hearing-impaired students who wish to become teachers attend months-long practical training courses at relevant practice rooms furnished in the association building.

The experience and sincere assistance of the members of the association give students a great deal of encouragement.

“The chairman of the association who has great skills made clothes with us. He is exacting in demand and very devoted to us, which deeply impressed us who will become teachers in the future,” said student Pak Kwang Il.