Mosaic murals of great leaders built in South Hwanghae

Mosaic murals showing the smiling images of President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il have been built in several units in South Hwanghae Province.

A mosaic mural was erected at the Sinchang Cooperative Farm in Unchon County, portraying the benevolent images of the President and the Chairman who devoted their heart and soul into solving the food problem for the people while continuing to inspect farms.

The working people of the Songbong Cooperative Farm in Unchon County and the Pukji Cooperative Farm in Jaeryong County dedicated their whole sincerity to building mosaic murals depicting the peerlessly great men with the yearning and reverence for them.

A mosaic mural built at the Pupho Mine depicts the great leaders wearing a sunny smile on Mt Paektu, a sublime mountain of the revolution, as they visualized the bright future of socialist Korea.