Provincial fine arts studio renovated

The North Phyongan Provincial Fine Arts Studio was renovated and a new art exhibition hall was built.

There is a photograph showing President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il on top of Mt Paektu at the entrance hall of the fine arts studio which has workshops, a conference room and the like.

On display at the three-storey exhibition hall are artworks showing the immortal revolutionary exploits of the President and the Chairman and their noble personalities as great men.

Also displayed there are hundreds of pieces of Korean, oil and folk paintings, ceramics and folkcraft representing the indomitable spirit the Korean people displayed in each period of the revolution including the periods of the anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle and of socialist construction and their struggle as well.

The completion of the fine arts facilities has made it possible to create artworks depicting the peerlessly great men more brightly and reverentially and contribute to the development of fine arts in the province and cultural and leisure activities of its people.