Factory turns out functional health drinks

Last year, the December 15 Medal of Quality was awarded to the bifid yogurt, activated bacteria ice cream and ice cream with egg and milk taste of the O-il General Health Drink Factory.

According to Kim Un Hui, manageress of the factory, bifid bacteria play an important role as enteric bacteria in maintaining the health of the human body as they live in the intestines of humans, especially in the colon.

Especially, they ferment sugar in the intestines to generate acetic and lactic acids and the generated acids restrain the growth of colon bacillus, dysentery bacillus and putrefactive bacteria to improve intestinal flora and prevent the increase of ammonia caused by diarrhoea, constipation and abnormal fermentation. They also detoxify toxic compounds and stick to intestinal mucosa to prevent the infiltration of pathogen and the induction of the carcinoma of colon.

With benefits of bifid bacteria increasing continuously, different countries widely use the bacteria to develop health products which retard the aging of the human body and maintain the youth of cell.

Among them, fermented products take the lion’s share.

The factory’s bifid bacteria yogurt is a product designed to improve the physiological functions of bifid and enhance digestive absorption and immunizing power to the maximum.

It has become the favourite food of both children and adults as it harmoniously combines the fragrance and taste of fermentation and soft sense of mouth, prevents indigestion and boosts immunity.

The ice cream with egg and milk taste that has the fragrance of egg and the activated bacteria ice cream that has originally fragrant and refreshing taste are also the products that are favoured by people and produced in largest quantities.

“The lactic acid ice cream, which is also called probiotic bacteria ice cream, is being developed in the way of cultivating and adding the bacteria that are useful for the human body,” said Jin Song Sim, section chief of the factory.

The factory’s activated bacteria ice cream is made by combining three probiotic bacteria, which are known worldwide as highly effective lactic acid bacteria, and fermenting them before keeping lactic acid bacteria alive in products and the factory continues to improve its melting point, swelling rate and sense of mouth.

The ice cream with egg and milk taste contributes to improving intestinal flora by adding fructo-oligosaccharide, a nutritious source of probiotic bacteria.

The factory makes these ice creams in different shapes to arouse the feeling of liveliness and intimacy to meet the psychology of consumers.

The activated bacteria ice cream has flower patterns, while the ice cream with egg and milk taste is in the shape of the yolk and white of an egg and the yellow part has the taste of the yolk.