Appealing finishing building materials made with light burned magnesia

Among the exhibits which drew the interest of the jury and visitors at the provincial building materials exhibition-2021 held from December 18 to 31 last year there were light burned magnesia products presented by the new technology research and dissemination office under the Phyongchon District Commission of Science and Technology in Pyongyang.

Various kinds of building materials and furniture pieces made with light burned magnesia, including doors, windows, tables, columns, railings, desks, chairs, decorative plywood and shutter boards, were highly appreciated for their elegant shapes and reasonable prices.

“The quality of light burned magnesia produced in our country is ranked among the world’s best. Accordingly, we put efforts into its wide application for developing the national economy and improving the people’s livelihood,” said Pak Kum Hui, chairperson of the Phyongchon District Commission of Science and Technology.

She added that the district sci-tech commission manufactures various products at its base for producing fittings and other building materials with light burned magnesia.

Such products are highly resistant to water and fire and useful in protecting ecological environment as they absorb carbon dioxide in air.

Several products of the research and dissemination office of the commission, including the fixture boards for shuttering and decoration and lagging, are popular with the units that have introduced them. The shuttering board, in particular, is widely used in the construction of dwelling houses and public buildings as its serviceable life is over four times longer than that made of wood.

“Manufacturing various kinds of fittings and finishing building materials with light burned magnesia saves timber and a great deal of labour and fund and is very profitable in production and use. Products in any shape and form can be made if there are relevant moulds,” said diffuser Ri Chol Jin.

According to him, since the products absorb carbon dioxide in air and convert it into carbonate, they get harder with the passage of time, and as they release oxygen, they are called green building materials. That’s why people say that putting one light burned magnesia product in a house is as good as planting five pine trees there, he said.

“I brought some pieces of furniture made of light burned magnesia like tea and other tables. They are nice to look at and suit the modern sense of beauty and their prices are attractive. And they give me fresh air in the house, too. I am going to furnish my house with furniture and finishing building materials made of light burned magnesia,” said Ri Yong Ho, resident of Pongji-dong in Phyongchon District.

The Phyongchon district sci-tech commission developed a new additive with locally-abundant raw materials and reagents, and also reinforcers and fillers needed for guaranteeing the quality of products by relying on recycling technology.

Now the commission works to produce more light burned magnesia fittings and other building materials with better quality by drawing on its successes.