Diamond drilling tools developed

The diamond tool workshop of the Mechanical Engineering Research Institute under the State Academy of Sciences developed diamond head and reamer based on advanced technology.

The head is a face tool for crushing hard rock into ring shape, creating cores and ensuring well boring. The reamer is another face tool for rotary cutting of hard rock to widen and keep bore holes in standard size, prevent oscillation of boring tube and bending of bore hole and raise the lifespan of boring tube and core barrel.

As essential tools for drilling for mineral, coal, water and geotherm prospecting and dam construction, the head and reamer are made with diamond.

The quality of such tools is now an important index by which to comprehensively assess the level of manufacture of diamond tools of relevant countries.

The research group, based on the analysis of the previous successes and experience in manufacturing diamond tools and the world trend in the development of such tools, newly designed the kernel of drilling tool for different layers of earth.

As a result, they succeeded in manufacturing the diamond head and reamer by thermal pressure sintering and solved sci-tech problems arising in using them.

The diamond head and reamer proved economically useful and effective through a long course of their introduction in practice, and were registered as high technology products last year.