What is development of ultra-modern weapons aimed at?

Moves are afoot in Japan from the outset of this year to buckle down to the study and development of an electromagnetic gun, a new-type weapon.

Not long ago, the Defense Ministry made public to the press that it would develop the one and only electromagnetic gun which is capable of destroying targets on the ground, in the sea and air.

Actually, the Japanese government included ¥6.5 billion (about US$ 57 million) in its budget for the 2022 fiscal year as the cost for developing the new-type weapon. It has also set it as its target to deploy this weapon for action after 2028 by speeding up the study of securing energy efficiency and high-speed running fire technologies on the initiative of the Defense Ministry from this year.

The problem is that Japan is justifying itself linking the development of such ultra-modern weapon to hypersonic missiles being developed by our country, China and Russia, saying that the former is to counter the latter.

There is a proverb saying that “Who lives ill, fear attends him.”

Japan is making a fuss about “threat” from its neighbouring countries without any reason. This is nothing but a mere show to cover up its hostile acts and wild ambition for reinvasion as it is a dangerous move of the Japanese reactionaries to become a military power without fail by accelerating the development of the ultra-modern weapon under the pretext of the “unprecedentedly deteriorated security situation of its neighbours”.

Last year alone, Japan persisted in its moves to deploy ultra-modern strike weapons including development of long-range cruise missiles and new-type surface-to-air guided missiles, possessing of an aircraft carrier, building of new-type Aegis warship, and launching and commissioning of different classes of ultra-modern submarines.

This year, it plans to squander tens of billions of US dollars—the biggest amount ever—on military expenditure.

We have taken measures to strengthen national defence capability in order to actively cope with the security environment created on the Korean peninsula and in the region. They are quite natural as they are aimed at ensuring security of the state and people.

Japan, a war criminal state, does not need to worry about its own security if it approaches its history properly, makes reparations for its past A-class crimes against humanity and truly works for peace without committing any crime against its neighbouring countries.

Japan, with a stain on its name as a war criminal state, should be well aware that development of the new-type weapon constitutes an all too dangerous act which harms regional peace and security and brings its own self-destruction.

If Japan moves at full speed to become a military power while picking on others and resorting to the same old trick of inciting confrontation, it will only invite a terrible catastrophe.

Ra Guk Chol, researcher at the Institute for Studies of Japan, DPRK Ministry of Foreign Affairs