Workers give boost to building powerful socialist country

May Day was significantly commemorated in the DPRK.

Officials of the Workers’ Party of Korea and the state visited factories, enterprises and cooperative farms to warmly congratulate working people on the holiday.

They went to the construction site of 10 000 flats in the Hwasong area which was in the flame of innovation even on the holiday to translate the desire of the WPK into reality and encouraged builders while working with them.

The working people who received congratulations from the Party and government officials are ordinary people living everywhere on this land and the cornerstones supporting socialism.

In the face of harsh sanctions by the hostile forces that no one can endure even for one or two days and despite all the difficulties including recurrent natural disasters, they did not leave their workplaces without the slightest vacillation and are still dedicating their sincere efforts generation after generation.

Coal miners, smelters, enginemen, builders, weavers, drivers and other workers do not do their jobs for honour or compensation but for the prosperity and development of the country, performing feats in all places for building a powerful socialist country.

Kim Chun Hwa at the Hoean Youth Coal Mine who enjoys considerable state benefits for taking care of her husband, a special-class honoured disabled soldier, has no duty to work. But she voluntarily became an employee of the mine and devotes herself to the service work for coal miners, giving a helping hand to the coal miners of the high-speed tunnelling workteam of pit No. 3 in leisure time after enlisting in it as an honorary member.

She has collected idle materials for dozens of years to help produce articles for work safety, made many working gloves for coal miners with scraps of cloth and raised pigs for supply service for them.

When she received an order of honorable service in coal-mining industry, she said that she could hardly repress the excited feeling as she received the order which is conferred on meritorious coal miners though she only did what she was obliged to do.

The story about Labour Hero Ri Phyong Gyu, called “an undying bird”, also touches the hearts of many people.

He was diagnosed with paraplegia due to a complication of slipped disk and myelitis in his 30s, but since then he has chosen a new way of life.

No duty of labour was assigned to him, but he volunteered to work at a workshop for light workers and repaired tens of thousands of car engines and starters for over 30 years, giving an immense help to the state.

Innumerable are such honest working people in the DPRK and they are the cornerstones of the nationwide effort for the prosperity of socialist Korea.