Ideal streets continue to rise

New modern houses were completed in succession in the DPRK to take in their owners in April this year.

Those are none other than exemplary labour innovators, meritorious persons, scientists and other working people who devotedly worked to lighten the heavy burden on the country even a bit during their whole life while subordinating family affairs to state affairs.

Seeing the gigantic structures and their owners with envy, many others say in unison: “An ideal street for common people was built on the place where President Kim Il Sung’s residence had been located”, “The street to be built in the Hwasong area will surpass Songhwa Street” and “We lead a happy life under the warm care of General Secretary Kim Jong Un”.

The remarks speak volumes.

They reflect trust in and gratitude towards the Workers’ Party of Korea which works out plans grand enough even to pluck stars from the sky if the people want and achieves good results at any cost, and confidence in a brighter and better future.

As one of the builders who were engaged in the construction of Songhwa Street, I looked back upon the past one year with pride and self-esteem.

During the year, we builders of the street made tireless efforts to build another ideal street under the wise leadership of the Party and hand it down to coming generations. The working people in charge of the supply of building and other materials for the project conducted a vigorous production campaign.

In the course of this, officials, designers and builders in the construction sector developed their vision, judgment and technical knowledge and skills and swelled with self-pride in their own strength, Korean-style things, and confidence in their ability to achieve all their ideals.

It is the most valuable fruit incomparable to any material wealth.

We will continue to build better streets for our people in Pyongyang based on our growing strength and good experience.

Ri Chol Ju, department director of the Pyongyang Construction Commission