Medical supplies provided to needy families in South Hwanghae

The officinal medicines the family of General Secretary Kim Jong Un had prepared earnestly praying for the return of peace and smile in all families of the country were handed over to needy families in South Hwanghae Province.

The provincial people were deeply touched to make a deep bow of gratitude, saying, “Thank you very much, the respected Marshal Kim Jong Un.”

Workers and farmers of the Haeju Kumgang Youth Smeltery, Haeju Ryongdang Fishermen’s Cooperative, Haeju Construction Machine Factory, Haeju Farm Machine Factory, Jaeryong County Food Administration Station, Madu Cooperative Farm in Unchon County, Thaethan County Farm Machine Station, Jangyon County Medium and Small River Management Station and Kangnyong County Road Equipment Management Station and a special-class honoured disabled soldier in neighbourhood unit No. 204 of Chongdan county town said with excitement that the Korean socialist system led by the great father of the people is the best in the world.

The families of officials of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea also prepared over 236 170 pieces of medicines in 294 kinds true to the noble intention of the General Secretary who gives the highest and absolute priority to the interests and comfort of the people. They were handed over to residents of Jaeryong, Unchon, Thaethan, Jangyon, Kangnyong and Chongdan counties and elsewhere.